Paradise Park


PARADISEPARK is a space falling in time, sea, ocean, life, love’

Paradise Park; is an installation a dream–state, representing a space in between the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea. Connected to a new hybrid globalized subject. A project influenced on memory, space and time. A Caribbean in story through sculptures, color, sound, light and movement. The installation is populated with sculptures, objet trouve ’ different species, horses, birds, fishes, plants and human beings. Paradise park archives metaphors that effect life associated within a natural world. Rotating Flora and floating Fauna species crossing in a solemn sound by Vangelis /La petite Fille de La mer (Early Girl From The Sea). Paradise Park is a space that unites anecdotes in deep see water. A fantasy park where paradise transforms energy in between continents. My fascination with birds is  seen in a floating work ‘ Japanese Nightingale. It took 3 years (2011-2014) to complete this artwork installation. For an  appointment or any information call (297-5945031)