1995/2020 Short films

Information short films by Osaira Muyale
Stadionweg 23, Oranjestad Aruba


1997 – EL SILENCIO-7 minutes
Production Osaira Muyale
Biennale Cuba 1997, The individual and his memoire
Synopses : To listen to myself to listen to another
Raced in a culture with different ideologies.
A Lebanese father and a Dutch mother in a Caribbean heritage space.


1999 – ILLUTION- 4 minutes loop
Production by Osaira Muyale
Gran Prize winning award at exposition Arte 99’ Curacao
Sound Prayer by Andres Bocelli
Synopses: feeling oneness with time and space


2000 – BLUE 1/BLUE2- 20 minutes
Production by Osaira Muyale
Triangle Art Trust international workshop Watamula Curacao
Participants: Sound: tamboo by Ryan Oduber, Yubi Kirindongo, Wilson Diaz Polanco, Shermain.
Synopses: Phantom and Society, understand and share  societies heritage conflicts, religion, race and gender.


Production by Osaira Muyale
Exposition Unesco for  International woman day.
Synopses: interview with local drug addict Dejanira in Oranjetad.


2001- NATALI THE STREET QUEEN- 12 minutes
Production by Osaira Muyale
Exposition Unesco for  International woman day.
Synopses: interviews social habit on a happy island
local drug addict April 2001 to February 2002
at Eterno Studio Gallery Oranjestad Aruba


2002- DOG RACE- 4 minutes
Produced by Osaira Muyale
Project collection: GodDog
Sound by KC brain, the inmost
Synopses: Blind, when I woke up you were gone


2003- THE BUTTERFLY DANCE- 53 minutes
Production Osaira Muyale
invitation: Triangle Art Trust international workshop Liejian China
Synopses: Show me the way. Delves into the psychology of repeating a dance
and the mechanism that trigger personal memory, it invites the audience to fill
the gap between visualizing a traditional dance and a dance that have no tradition.
Special thanks  to following people who has helped me in this project
Goshka Macuga – camera director, Laura Lima- camera assistance
Robb Kelly – technical assistance,Joseph Slade – technical assistance
Monica demantte’- translation Xu jong ming – organize support,
Ye yong qing- organize support Tai chi instructor leijang, Triangle Arts Trust- Robert Loder
CCA – Charlotte Elias, Fundacion Eterno,Pro video Elvis Tromp.


2005- LUCKY KEY-1 minute
Production by Osaira Muyale
Synopses: open my closed doors at home


2005 –TRANSLATOR – 1Hr
Project Only beautiful words
Synopses: research (2004-2005) on Language and society
Being a translator with Jugima medial mission. Venues, Las Piedras,
Balsamar del Binculo, punto Cardon,Paraguana, Estado Falcon, Las Cumaraguas,
La Candelaria, Centro Cultural Eudes Navas Soto
Editing: pro Video


 2007- SERHEL – 1 minutes
Production by Osaira Muyale
Project : surrounded by circles
Synopses: burning inside the elevated wall
Wind and water straat Oranjestad.


2007- WELCOME TO FRUCHTENLAND- 1.08 minutes
Production by Osaira Muyale
Project: surrounded by circles
Sound: Opera by Osaira Muyale
Synopses: Going back to my roots. Lebanon/Serhel


2006 – FALLING OUT OF LOVE – 2.32 minutes
Production by Osaira Muyale
Synopses: The deeper I fall in love with human beings the deeper I go in hell.
Sound : opera by Osaira Muyale


2008- COOKING- 5” loop
Project: Only beautiful words
Sound : Los Panchos
Present at participación at Aruba Jazz festival
Sinopsis: A song that triggers personal memory and invites you to
fill a gap between listening  to a traditional song  and a song that have no tradition.
No matter how you feel, you can always sing while you are cooking. Cooking everyday
cooking and cooking again. what about cooking, cooking food, cooking time, cooking
thoughts, cooking meals, cooking ideas, cooking songs, cooking in the kitchen, makes me feel
domestic, and I hate domestication, I do not like to have to, having to makes me cook my brain
out of proportion. It makes me feel gaining weight, gaining no time to think about no time.
I know how to cook well, but I hate cooking .that’s why I sing, and go in the mood of falling for food.
If not I feel frustrated and do not want to cook. Cooking is a work for cocks, and I am a chicken,
and an emancipated chick. Not a cook nor a cock ,I love to eat and not to cook .i can cook very good,
but am no cooker either. So, no matter how you feel, you can always sing while you cook and fall for cooking..


 2020-new silence-1 min

synopses: i can hear your whisper in my eyes
Sound : whisper