Installation Paradise Park


PARADISEPARK is a space falling in

time, sea, ocean, life, love’

Paradise Park; is an installation of a dream–state, representing a space in between the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea and connected to a new hybrid globalized subject .A project influenced on immigrants, heritage and storytelling. At the same time, an allegory representing ideas and concepts.

The installation is populated with sculptures , objet trouve ’ different species .Crosses between horses, birds, fishes, plants and human beings. Paradise park archives metaphors that effect lifes associated within a natural world ,human comparison and bird resemblance. Rotating Flora and floating Fauna species crossing in a solemn sound by Vangelis /La petite Fille de La mer (Early Girl From The Sea).Crossing over’ is a fiber sculpture with a heritage and story and a main character (Sikkepit 1964-1984).

Paradise Park is a space that unites anecdotes in deep see water. A fantasy park where paradise transforms energy in between continents, specifying a cultural and visual language. My fascination with birds is  seen in a floating work ‘ Japanse Nachtegaal’ or Japanese Nightingale. A medium size  sculpture representing an inter familial hybrid (an extremely rare hybrid) .The plants are both threatening and vulnerable since its leaves  a reach out above the viewer but has at the same time  a delicate  arrangement. The name Japanese nightingale  is a reminder of a bird that stretches ,pitch and strain like a floor  that has  been walked upon.

The exhibition highlights works that address notions of time, memory, displacement and harmony and the relationship between the human body and the material world.

It took 2 years (2012-2014) to complete this artwork installation

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