Paradise Park 2014-2022

Paradise Park is an installation of a dream state, representing a space in between the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea, that connects a new hybrid globalized subject. A project influenced on immigrants, heritage and stories. At the same time, an allegory representing ideas and concepts.The installation is populated with sculptures , objet trouve ’ different species and crosses of horses, birds, fishes, plants and human beings. Paradise park archives metaphors that effect life associated within a natural world. With rotating flora and floating Fauna species crossing in a solemn sound by Vangelis, La petite Fille de La mer (Early Girl From The Sea). Crossing over’ is a fiber sculpture with a heritage and a story of  Sikkepit. Paradise Park is a space that unites anecdotes in deep see water. A fantasy park where paradise transforms in a space between continents, specifying a cultural and visual language. My fascination with birds is  seen in a floating work ‘ Japanse Nachtegaal’ or Japanese Nightingale. A medium size  sculpture representing an inter familial hybrid. The exhibition highlight work with the notions of time, memory, displacement and a relationship between the human body and the material world.