project' watamula Curacao 2000-international Triangle Art London workshopsurrounded-by-circels-150x150Grand price winning installation 1999 Illusion

invitation to lijiang ,China Triangle Trust workshop 20032[1]





Aruba, 1964. Lives and works on Aruba


Sellected exhibitions
Group international expo Proposal at National Archives Aruba
by Gast Foundation, (24aug2018-13 jan2019)/

Group exposition, Art in public space ‘San Nicolas’ at community

museum San Nicolas by FMA, (October 2018)/ Solo exposition” a

Dutch woman’- ‘a sea of dreams’ Antiguo Templo de San Isidro

La Sabana de Maracaibo, (23-30 May 2018)/‘Mare Nostrum’-

‘a sea of dreams ‘ Maczul- Museo Arte Contemporaneo Zulia,

Venezuela Maracaibo (28 October 2017-28February2018)/

Public project ‘San Nicolas Aesthetics’- ’San Nicolas’(2017),

Paardenbaai Oranjestad, Aruba, public sculpture project

(2015-2017)/ Caribbean Crossroads of the World, ‘you are me,

Pérez Art Museum Miami (2014)/ ‘Being and Time’ Gowanus Loft,

van derBilt Republic, Brooklyn, New York (2014)/ project 200 Years

TropicalKingdom, “Horse Power’’ Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle,

Netherlands,(2013)/Exposition Taboo – Bo’ Bloemhof, Curacao,

(2013)/Caribbean Crossroads of the World, ‘You are me’,

Museo del Barrio, Manhattan, New York (2012)/ project Salon,

‘I never promised you a Rose Garden’ Flower Castle, Lisse, Netherlands,

(2012)/ Microcosm, Silhouette, ‘Surrender & Thinker’, Residence of Dutch

Ambassador, Washington DC, (2011)/ Arte y Medio Ambiente,’

’four those who suffer Love, First International Triennial of Caribbean,

* Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, (2010)/ project Art

Pie ‘open for love’,  Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, Nederland, (2010)

/ Separating Myth from Reality: Status of Women, ’Only Beautiful words’,

’I always thought that everyone is the same’ Gallery Siddhartha

Kathmandu Nepal, (2009)/ project Reinvent Public Space Beirut

‘Only Beautiful words’, I always thought that everyone is the Same’,

Studio Beirut, Lebanon together with Pearl foundation, Partisan

Public Archis NAI, (2007)/ traveling exposition; non ego red

Dress’, DRESSCODE ‘dress for Queen Beatrix’, 8Theatre Museum

Amsterdam, (09.2006-01.2007)/ project ‘non ego red dress’, presentation

Of THE RED DRESS or Too Much Of The Same ‘dress

For Queen Beatrix’,,Torch Gallery (2005)/’project ‘non ego red

Dress- exhibition “DRESS CODE – ‘dress for Queen Beatrix’ in das

Historisches und Volkerkunde Museum, St. Gallen, Swiss, (2006)/

49 project ‘non ego red dress, ‘dress for Queen Beatrix’, Imagine C,

IVC Amsterdam Z.O., Bijlmermeer, Netherlands, (2006)/ Dress code

in das Historisches‘ non ego red dress,’dress for Queen

Beatrix’ Global Fashion Local Tradition, Centraal Museum Netherlands,

(2005)/ traveling exhibition, project ‘ Politicas de Memoria

y Iconofilia’, ‘only beautiful words, light text’ Yo siempre pense

que cada uno es igual’, 8th Bienniale of Cuenca Ecuador, (2004)

/ Iconofagia ‘y siempre pense que cada uno es igual’, Te[oretica,

San Juan, Costa Rica, (2004)/ Mu Wang Fu Palace, Up river Loft,

Lijiang China, (2003)/ Deslocamentos, Caribe Associacao, 14th

Festival International de Arte Electronic Video, Brasil, (2003)/ project

Tales from the past, the Paradigms of Territory and identity’ I never

promised you a rose garden’, 4th Caribbean Biennial Museum of

Modern Art Santo Domingo, November (2001) February (2002)/ project

Beeldende Kunst van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba, Tent Gallery

Rotterdam, Netherlands, (2001)/ Gallery Eterno; Arco Fair Madrid,

Spain, (2001)/ Caribe Insular, exclusion fragmentation y Paraiso,

MIEAC Museo Extremo e Ibero Americano de Arte Contemporaneo,

Badajoz,Espana, (1998)/ project Punta Maria 123, Museum

Lia Bermudez, Maracaibo Venezuela, (1999)/ Traveling exposition ‘Lips

Sticks and Marks, Spiral Gallery, Barbados, (1998)/ Lips Sticks

And Marks, Art Foundry Trinidad (1998)/ Caribe Insular exclusion

Fragmentation y Paraiso, Casa de las Americas Cuba, (1998)/ El

Inividuo y su Memoria ’ Silencio’, 7th Biennial Havana Cuba (1997)

Education/special projects

1982-2019 Active as a contemporary conceptual visual artist.
1989-1990 Ateliers 89 Rietveld workshops Aruba.
1990-1992 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1993-2002 Founder & Co-director Galeria Eterno, Oranjestad, Aruba.
1996-2019 Founder & Director Stichting Fundacion Eterno,Oranjestad, Aruba,
2010-2019 Founder & director of Studio Osaira Muyale, Oranjestad, Aruba,
2011-2019 Treasurer foundation, Gast, Amsterdam.

2017-2019  Founder and director foundation, Paardenbaai
2017-2019  Director foundation, MAMA- Modern Art Museum Aruba

National & International workshop invitations, guest lecturer

2014  Aruba,Oranjestad Academy for Fine Arts and Design Aruba, Introduction Rietveld & Bachelor degree.
Teacher for blok 11 March – 4 April 2014  and 21 October -14 November 2014 – Module 1 Body. Director Glen Goddijn & coördinator Rebecca Roos.

2007  Lebanon, Beirut
International and interdisciplinary workshop ‘Public space’, case study on the concept of public space in Lebanon Beirut, The initiators of the workshop are (landscape) architects, urban developers, designers and artists linked to studio Beirut, Lebanon, together with the Dutch organizations Archis, Partizan Publik, Pearl and the Amsterdam Center for conflict studies (ACS) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA),,,

2007 Aruba
Ateliers’89, 23 april-16 mei expo 20mei , giving workshop ‘ruimtelijk vormgeving , Aruba
Ateliers ’89 ‘One minute’film with Dick Tuinder “serhel’,Lebanese diaspora.short film

2003 China, Yunnan
Robert Loder Gaswork London,Ye Yong Quig Upriver loft international residency China, Triangle Arts Trust London Sir Anthony Caro,Caribbean Contemporary Arts CCA Trinidad Charlotte Elias,

2000 Curacao
‘Watamula’,organize group Robert Loder Triangle Arts Trust London Sir Anthony Caro,Caribbean Contemporary Arts CCA Trinidad Charlotte Elias, Work group Glenda heyliger,osaira,muyale,renwick heronimo,ryan oduber

1997 Cuba , Soroa
Robert Loder Gasworks London, Hotel Soroa,Triangle Trust Sir Anthony Caro,Caribbean Contemporary Arts CCA Charlotte Elias,

1989 Aruba,Oranjestad
“Atelier 89”organized by Ministery Department of Culture Aruba,director of Institute Evelino Fingal ,director of Contemporary Cultural Affairs Elvis Lopez, Jos Houweling  Rietveld Kunst Academie .

Grand Price, project ‘500 Years Curacao’ Arte ‘99. Curated by Jennifer Smith  independent curator/Art Historian  from Curacao and Adi Martis independent curator and Art Historian from Aruba lives in the Netherlands.Sponsered by Maduro & Curiel Bank Curacao. Installation and film “illution”


Commissioned art work installations- art in public space


FMA Public project  San Nicolas Aesthetics, Sculpture San Nicolas’
curated by Renwick Heronimo

2015 -2018
Project  -‘ Art in public space.
commissioned and sponsored by Aruban Minister of Culture and Tourism
Mr.Otmar Oduber and Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe -Croes director of Aruba Tourism Authority. Mondriaan Funds Holland .

Project by AAA-Aruba Airport Authority ‘Air Art – Sculptural Garden Neon Text installation. curated bu Adi Martis  Sponsered by AAA. The Art work is part of an ongoing project ‘ Only Beautiful Words ‘2002-

Project by UNOCA ‘Art in Public Space’  in honor of 60 years work of  Pastor Frans Wijbe, Brons sculpture ‘goede herder’

Project  for  General Air Services Neon Text installation .The Art work installation is part of an ongoing project ‘ Only Beautiful Words ‘2002-2012 .L.G.Smith Blvd 152.I count my blessings

Project  for Private Collector Neon Text installation .The Art work installation is part of an ongoing project ‘ Only Beautiful Words ‘2002-2012 . Lg.Smith Blvd 30  “I always thought that every one is the same”

Projects in Process
Project  ‘All Inclusive ‘ Triangle Trust international artists  workshop at Parke  Arikok Aruba

Project Magadalena ,Natural preservation and Cultural diversity  at  National Park Arikok Aruba

285hzchant 2018, Blue time ‘2011‘Coco Channel’ 2009 – Magdalena 2008’-‘love story ‘2008 – ‘Serhel’ 2007 ‘ ,Paraguana’venezuela 2005 butterfly dance ‘China 2003 – ‘dograce’ ,when I wake up you were gone’ Aruba 2002 – ‘ I never promised you a rose garden’ Aruba 2001-‘ natalie the street queen’Aruba  2001- ‘indigo blue’ Curacao 2000 – ‘illution’ Curacao 1999- ‘listen with your eyes ‘Aruba 1998 -‘minotauro’ Cuba 1997- ‘ laberinto’Aruba 1994


International Expositions


Solo exposition” a Dutch woman’- ‘a sea of dreams’
Antiguo Templo de San Isidro La Sabana de Maracaibo,
(23-30 May 2018) curated by Rosher Acevedo Ocando,
Soyde Bastidos Brito, Juan D Bracho R,


Exposition ‘Mare Nostrum’- ‘a sea of dreams‘
Maczul Museo  Arte Contemporaneo Zulia, Maracaibo Venezuela
(28 October2017-28 May 2018)


PAMM Perez Art museum Miami
Caribbean Crossroads of the World

project Only beautiful words light work ‘you are me’

1103 Biscayne Blvd.
April 18, 2014 – September 17, 2014
Miami ,Fl 33132,305 375 3000,
International invitation by Tobias Ostrander
Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs
Following credit line-Curatorial Team,curator Maria Elena Ortiz
Elvis Fuentes; Programme Curator  Crossroads Project
Oriol Tarridas Photography, Installation view Photo by

Orial Tarridas Caribbean Crossroads of the World,Pérez Art Museum Miami
Naomi Patterson;Senior Registrar
Renwick Heronimo; logistics outsourcing from Washington to Miami

Gowanus Loft
‘Being and Time’
Brooklyn, New York  61 9th Street, Loft C8, 11215
8-14 March 2014 , curated by Renwick Heronimo

Museum De Fundatie

December 27 2013- Maart 14 2014
Exhibition Tropical Kingdom
Following the 200 years Dutch Kingdom
Zwolle, The Palace on the Blijmarkt, Netherlands

Gallery Hofi Bloemhoff
Exposition Tabu’  Curacao

Project Caribbean Crossroads of  the World  at Museo Del Barrio New York .Curated by Elvis Fuentes and Susy delValle.

Project Salon/ Flower Castle -Kasteel keukenhof  in the Netherlands’ curated by Gijs stork independent Art Curator
Project Muhe Frida Curacao Curated by  Alydia Wever  Contemporary

Project Microcosm in Washington DC. The curatorial team Renwick Heronimo  project coordinator/curator Dutch Caribbean, Laura Roulet independent Curator /art historian Washington DC and Gijs Stork  independent Curator from The Netherlands.

Project First International Triennial of Caribbean at  Museo de Arte Moderno  Santo Domingo

Project Kunstvlaai – the Netherlands  curated by Elvis Lopez Ateliers’

Project  Siddhartha Art Gallery  Kathmandu  Nepal

Project Studio Beirut  Lebanon

Project Galvanize film presentation. curated by Chris Cozier and Charlotte Elias CCA7 Trinidad
Project Non Ego Red Dress”,
1 September 2006 -7 January 2007  Exhibition “DRESS CODE” in das Historisches und Volkerkunde Museum, St. Gallen, Swiss.

04.11.2006   8 Theatermuseum, Amsterdam
01.09.2006 / 07.01.2007
DRESSCODE in das Historisches und Volkerkunde Museum,
St. Gallen, Swiss.
23.3.2006 / 30.6.2006   Imagine IC Zuid Oost,Bijlmermeer ,Holland. –
Other participants of the exhibition are: Yoko Ono, John Galliano, Hussein
Ghalayan, Alicia Frames, Helmut Newton, Yinka Shonibare, Jaqueline Hassink Community Project,Institute voor Cultuur,Amsterdam

Project Non ego red dress”,
17.9.2005 / 15.1.2006  Global Fashion / Local Tradition Centraal Museum Utrecht

15.10.2005 / 29.10.2005 Presentation of THE RED DRESS or Too Much Of The Same
Galerie Torch, Amsterdam
Project Film Translator” 30min film/doc on ATV public television production osaira muyale,additing norman thijsen –skytv,

Project VIII  Bienalle  de Cuenca Ecuador at Banco de Fomento Ecuador  Neon Text  Installation, “Yo siempre pense que cada uno es igual” Art work installation is part of an ongoing project ‘ Only Beautiful Words ‘2002-2012
Project  Iconofagia’ at   Te[oretica San Juan Costa Rica curated  by Virginia Perez-Ratton and Tamara Diaz Bringas Jennifer Smith, (search exposiciones iconofagia, no 32

Project V Caribbean Biennial  at Museum of Modern Art  St.Domingo curated by Marianna de Tolentino

Project Mu Palace ,China Performance’ Butter fly Dance curated by M. E.Tolentino,Sara Hermann Morera, Monica Dematte, Charlotte Elias CCA7, Triangle Trust England
Project Associacao Video Brasil”  Brasil ,Sao Paulo, Curated Chriz Cozier, Charlotte Elias CCA7

Project Bank of The Netherlands Antilles Curacao,visit of Z.K.H. de prins van oranje en  H.K.H.Prinses maxima,curated by Jennifer Smith independent Art Curator  ,Adi Martis Independent Art Curator and Historian

Project TenT Gallery, Witte de Withstraat Rotterdam, Holland Curated by Adi Martis,Jennifer smith,Thomas Mejier Zu Schlochteren.
Project 4th Carribbean Biennial Museo de Arte Moderno Sto Domingo curated by Marianne de Tolentino and collaboration Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Aruba
Project Arco Fair Madrid, Parque Juan Carlos I curated by Renwick Heronimo and Osaira Muyale sponsered by Fundacion Eterno and Eterno Studio Gallery Aruba

Project Galleria Hoffi di Flor in Honor of  Shon May Henriquez,Curacao curated by Jennifer Smith
Project 366/2000  Muka Zwitserland curated by  Magda van Gils

Project Centro de bellas Artes” Maracaibo Venezuela curated by Elvis Lopez  and Jimmy Yanez
Project Museum  Lia Bermudez  Maracaibo Venezuela curated by  Jimmy Yanez and Victor Fuenmayor
Project The Urban Life  Sto Domingo curated by Marianne de Tolentino
Project  Arte 99 ‘500 Years Curacao curated by  Jennifer Smith and Adi Martis

Project Spiral Gallery Barbados curated by Annelee Davis and Jocelyn Gardner
Project Art Foundry Trinidad curated by Jocelyn Gardner,Annelee  Davis and  Irene Shaw
Project MIEAC,Museo Extremo e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporaneo, Badajoz Espana
Casa de las  America Madrid  curated by + Ma.Luisa Borras y Antonio Zaya MEIAC Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo

Project 6th Biennial de la Habana Cuba curated by  Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez


National Expositions


FMA Public project  San Nicolas Aesthetics, Sculpture San Nicolas’
curated by Renwick Heronimo

Solo exposition Paradise Park at studio Osaira Muyale

Project  Paardenbaai ‘ Art in public space.
commissioned and sponsored by Aruban Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr.Otmar Oduber and Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe -Croes director of Aruba Tourism Authority. Mondriaan Funds Holland .
Solo exposition’Bleau Garden’ in pop up gallery San Nicolas/Art Fair by Fe  

Solo Exposition ‘Paradise Park at studio osaira muyale

Group exposition  Aruba Art and Design  by  Minister of Culture M Hooyboer Winklaar

Centro di Bario Tankileendert by dept. of Minister of Culture M Hooyboer Winklaar

Project Encuentro Biennale Aruba ‘Happy Islands’  Curated by Jose Manuel Noceda Fernandez independent Art Curator and Historian and Alida Martinez and collaboration by DCA Department of Cultural Affairs Aruba

Project  Muhe Frida’  Aruba Curated by  Alydia Wever  Contemporary

Project Souvenirs Festival’ at Ateliers’89 curated by Elvis

Project Salon 1/Aruba  Curated  by Gijs Stork independent Art Curator from The Netherlands.

Project Auction for Haiti curated by  Insight gallery -Alida
Project by  Rekenkamer Government of Aruba.Curated by Maria Theresa Madariaga

Project Rosea Nobo’ curated by Alyda Martinez .Solo expo at Studio Osaira Muyale in collaboration with  groups exposition at  Insight Gallery and Ateliers’89

Project Mind your Gab by Cas di Cultura Aruba ’50 ana di Jubileo ‘ curated by Vicky Arens and Ryan

Project Spirito di Tempo by Access Gallery & Directie Cultuur Aruba curated by Renwick Heronimo
Project Magico Realismo at Access Gallery  Aruba curated by Renwick Heronimo.
Project “Carribean Jazz Festival Art show ‘at Cas di Cultura Aruba,curated by Toyota Gallery
Project Herencia di Esclavitud’ by DCA and  National Archive Aruba curated by Evelino Fingal
Project Naked Truth at Access Gallery Aruba curated by Renwick Heronimo
Project Mar Azul gallery Aruba curated by Gilberd Senchi
project Private Collection at StudiO curated by Osaira Muyale

Project Cream at  Access Gallery Aruba curated by Renwick Heronimo

Project Welkome Home ‘solo exposition at Atelier’ 89
Project space expo at Oranjestad Kunsthuis Aruba curated by Gilbert Senchi
Project Rembrandt in San Nicolas  at SINFA San Nicolas Aruba curated by Glenda Heyliger and Osaira MuyaleProject  Project LISN  Light in San Nicolas ‘ at SINFA San Nicolas Aruba curated by Glenda Heyliger and Osaira Muyale Project Wine, Food & Art Festival at Westin Resort curated by Gilbert Senchi Oranjestad Kunst HuisProject Private Project Private collection  at  Studio Osaira Muyale

Project Acuril XXXVI Aruba Association of Caribbean University and research and institutional libraries.
on ethical aspects on social,cultural society  organized by Art collector Alice van Romondt and SINFA Glenda Heyliger 

Project  ‘Translator”   30min film/doc on public television

Project ‘non ego red dress‘ in collaboration with candidate for political party PDR concept  Aruba National Art Museum
Project ‘only beautiful words commission work Neon Text installation for Gen Air  Aruba

Project Solo Exposition at  studio  Osaira Muyale Aruba
Project  Prince Albert of Monaco & Laureus Foundation at Marriot Resort curated by Gilbert Senchi South end Gallery

project ‘only beautiful words’ commission work ,installation neon sign

Lg.Smith Blvd 30  “I always thought that every one is the same”
Project  SINFA, San Nicolas Foundation for the Arts curated by Glenda Heyliger

Project Couture Cocktail by fashion designer +  Percy Irausqiun and  Fernando Mansur 
Project Ultimate Automobiles BMWgoes Art .Curated by Galleria Insight
Project Water toren  Mijlpaal en Uitdaging gevolg voor ontvangst van Prins
van  Oranje Aruba
Project Unesco, human rights Department and  Instuitute of  Culture Aruba
Project Silent Auction Quota International Club Fundraising at Allegro Beach Resort Aruba

Project Watamula at Eterno Studio Gallery,
Project  innerlijke landschap at Galleria  Harmonia San Nicolas

Project self Potret at Instituto di Cultura curated by  Elvis Lopez

Project  Madre Patria  at Seaport Conference Center in Honor of Queen Beatrix curated by Renwick Heronimo
Project  Invasion at Cas di Cultura curated by Renwick Heronimo and Eterno Studio Gallery

Project Unesco 50 years human rights at  Department of Cultural Affairs Aruba

Project Invasion at Amsterdam Manor Resort curated by Renwick Heronimo ,Osaira Muyale /Eterno Studio GalleryProject at Club Bonaire San Nicolas of Ministery of Culture curated by Elvis Lopez

Project Hende Muhe den Evolution at Institute of Culture curated by Alida Martinez  and Osaira Muyale
exposition at Eterno Studio Gallery,Galeria Harmonia San Nicolas and Seaport Market Place Aruba

Project Solo exposition Mystery of The Soul  At Eterno Studio Gallery curated Gijs Stork and Renwick Heronimo
Project Fort Zoutman – Willem III Toren  Aruba
Project Street Art Gallery by Institute of Culture and Aruba Tourism Authority

Project paintings at Playa Linda Beach Resort by Betty Werleman and Eterno Studio Gallery

Project Nos Arte by  Institute  of Cultural  Affairs  curated by +July Oduber

Project Mira Arte at Atrium Mall curated by Elvis Lopez

Project the architect and his guests ‘theatre  set design curated and directed by  Nicoline Nagtzaam and Amy Lasten and  Institute of Cultural Affairs Aruba

Project Los Naufragos’ screenplay by Luis Bunuel theatre set design curated and directed by Nicoline Nagtzaam,Amy Lasten and  Institute of Cultural Affairs Aruba

Press Release
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